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Gold and Deflation


Global stock and currency markets have experienced wild swings as of late due to concerns over the...

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The One Chart That Says it All


Sometimes one of the best ways to understand what is happening in certain markets is to look at a chart...

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Could Germany Derail Draghi Policies?


The German economy has long stood out as the pillar of strength in the 18 nation union that comprises...

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CelticGold Market Report 12th October 2014


Gold finished the week at about $1222 capping off another week of high volatility. Since our last update...

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IMF Cut’s Global Growth Forecast


The International Monetary Fund cut it’s global growth forecast for the third time this year, according to an...

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The Future of Gold


Over the weekend Gold traded just above the 2013 double bottom of $1180 and has started the week with...

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Volatility Hits Currency Markets


The downdraft in the commodity sector is starting to hit the emerging market currencies. According to a...

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Opportunity in Silver Market?


Silver, Gold and many commodities have continued to come user pressure this week. According to a blog...

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Blowing the Whistle on Goldman Sachs


In an article recently written by Jake Bernstein that appeared on a former New York...

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Global Banks Will Face Day of Reckoning


There was an article recently that appeared on ZeroHedge by Michael Snyder of the economic collapse...

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  • Nigel E. United Kingdom

    If only i know about CelticGold before. Great service, Great prices and a pleasure to deal with. I was anxious after placing my first order, but didn't need to be, everything arrived as planned and i was updated when the package was shipped. i have now placed a second order and will recommending CelticGold to my friends and family.

  • I first bought from Stefan back in 2008, and he is always very prompt in responding to questions (of which I tend to have many!), and very happy to go to the extra effort to answer any queries and concerns you have.

    Read the full testimonial.
  • A. Guerin, Tipperary, Ireland

    I was interested in buying silver bullion coins, I am living in Ireland and didn't know we're I could buy silver bullion coins. I did a lot of searching online and found that it was very expensive to buy silver here. I came across Celticgold during my research and found that they were the cheapest around...

    Read the full testimonial.

  • I have very recently become a buyer of precious metals and a ProCent customer," I can confidently recommend the services of this company. I became interested in precious metals only quite recently, I had a feeling that there could be serious trouble looming ahead in the financial world...
    Read the full testimonial.

    J. McCormick, Cork, Ireland
  • I have found the service to be really good as it is personal and very swift in response. It is not an automated response and bland. The knowledge that Stefan has is huge and helpful. He is not a high pressure salesperson and gives very clear responses with reasoning...
    Read the full testimonial.

    Russel, UK
  • Thank you all the in assisting me with the purchase of my gold, it was to select the coins; you sent message quickly and kept me informed on route of the package. I've known Stefan since 2009 where we met at a gathering. Again thank you and when I'm in the market again I will use celticgold...
    Read the full testimonial.

    Maryanne Lozoya
  • I had been trying to purchase with another big seller who was boasting on the internet, posing as a big company with years of experience. Then the price of gold started to fluctuate heavily and this other seller tried to profit from this. I had to put a bailiff onto this boaster. I turned to celtic gold and found this was a genuine seller who does not boast but delivers.
    Read the full testimonial.

    EW, Dublin, Ireland

  • Celtic Gold was reliable and brilliant value for money, two qualities which are essential for any business or investment. At first I wasn't sure as I had not bought from them before, but after speaking to them on the phone and e-mail contact, I built trust and progressed my order.
    Read the full testimonial.

    M. Syed, UK
  • I had a fantastic experience as a first time buyer of gold from your company. I’m not quite financially savvy as yet; however, CelticGold was recommended to me by a friend, as a trusted source. I decided to purchase five 1/10 oz pieces of Canadian Maple gold coins because the CelticGold website links were easy to follow...
    Read the full testimonial.

    Darren D. Australia
  • Via an internet search I came at the website of pro/cent. Before that search I had never heard of the website and its owner Stefan Kraemer. Despite an initial hesitation I proceeded and ordered several silver coins. The fulfilment from the moment where I have acknowledged and pressed the button until well beyond payment has been perfect.
    Read the full testimonial.

    G. de Graaf, Cyprus
  • In order to convert a more substantial amount of money into gold I immediately thought of Mr. Kramer. I had only met him once at a lecture in Amsterdam. In the light of the crisis in the euro zone, my mother and I came to the conclusion to convert a sum of money into gold, just to be safe in case...
    Read the full testimonial.

    Peter from Belgium
  • I have met Stefan during a seminar in Amsterdam in July 2009. It was all rather new for me...Stefan was very helpful with setting up an account for me....Delivery is quick. Stefan response is always very quick and he gives excellent information.
    Read the full testimonial

    Esther, Netherlands
  • Many thanks for my order. I found the service you offer to be extremely efficient... This is the first time I have purchased Gold and I found the information you provided, the prices charged, and the service you offer to be exemplary.  I would highly recommend your services to any potential customers.
    Read the full testimonial.

    Christine from USA

  • This was my first time ever to order silver and gold online or anywhere so I was a bit nervous about the whole prospect.
    ...there was a delay in my order, (through no fault of Stefan) he was so concerned that he contacted me by email and offered (...) to personally visit me and deliver a 1oz Krugerrand gold coin as collateral!
    Read the full testimonial.

    Jim from Co. Kerry, Ireland

  • I recommend buying through Stefan and his colleagues. His service has always been first-class....He understands the financial world well and I would not be surprised if gold rises in value a lot more over the coming years. Their updates are useful too.
    Read the full testimonial.

    Matt from UK
  • I first came across Celticgold through the Sovereign Independent website. (...) I visited the Celticgold website a number of times before taking the plunge in February this year. Once I obtained a log-in and placed my order, everything went according to plan. I was e-mailed with payment instructions and shipping details.
    My order arrived intact within a few days.
    Read the full testimonial.
    SJ, Midlands, Ireland
  • Stefan and his staff are highly recommendable and unique for their gold services.
    Stefan's clear, very knowledgable and humourous manner really gained my trust... '
    ...prompt discreet and efficient delivery services and would be more than happy to consult them again.
    Read the full testimonial.

    Sue Smith, England
  • Heeding advise from within and without I decided to sell my shares etc. and go into gold. By a stroke of luck I was able to have a personal conversation with Stefan.
    Emmanuel, Germany
  • My experience in dealing with Stefan has been extremely positive. He is trustworthy, honest and has a deep care for the well being of people, always having their best interest at heart as his first priority....
    ...His knowledge of the gold, silver and financial markets is second to none. I highly recommend his services.
    Read the full testimonial.

    J.W., USA
  • "In the last year Stefan and his staff have helped me to both, sort out my finances and buy some gold.
    Stefan was extremely patient and helpful and on the phone when I was unsure about a decision or how things work.
    He was very clear and practical in his advice ... Stefan continues to help me with financial queries and I would highly recommend his services."
    Read the full testimonial.

    Amanda S., England
  • I had been looking for a while into possibilities to buy physical gold before I came across the services of Stefan. I had no experience in this area and it seemed a complicated thing to do. With celticgold it turned out to be very simple... Also the delivery was tailored to my needs. Simple and easy. I highly recommend their services.
    Read the full testimonial.

    Mr S., The Netherlands
  • My experiences with celticgold both in buying and selling were professional, prompt and extremely courteous. I trust them and will definitely be back.

    Paul in Cork, Ireland
  • I bought through Celticgold, was nervous the first time, and made a small investment, but the transaction was so smooth and effortless, I decided to invest again and this time on a larger scale. I can only say that my experience with Celticgold has been one which is as solid as the the fine metals I now have in my possession. Many Thanks Celticgold, I will return for more.

    Ian From Offaly, Ireland
  • “Stefan  Kramer  of  Celtic  Gold  offers  a  sincere, competent  and  reliable  service to  his clients. It is  important  for  people  to  know  about  a  service  they  can  trust  Celtic Gold  is  highly  recommended.”

    P from Spain
  • I have purchased from Celtic Gold on several occasions on behalf of friends, family and myself. Smooth, effortless and well priced. Well done to Stefan Kraemer and his asscoiates.

    T.L., Malta
  • "I attended a lecture by Stefan a few years ago and found him to be both knowledgeable and clear in his explanation of the financial system. (...) The whole process was easy, straightforward and communication was always good. From reading his newsletter it looks as though the process is even simpler now, so I'm thinking of purchasing again..."
    Read the full testimonial.

    Chris G. from UK
  • I wanted to write a testimonial for you as I have gained a great deal of information and wisdom from your wonderful newsletters. (...) Since then, we have carefully invested in gold and silver here in Australia (...) I am very grateful to you for your clear, detailed and often amusing articles and I will continue to follow and support your website.
    Read the full testimonial.

    M. from Australia
  • My silver arrived safely last week. I'd just like to thank you both for your patience and assistance when helping me with my silver order. Throughout the process I asked many questions and you answered all of them in a patient and helpful way. 

  • A big thank you from a first time buyer! We all are concern about our money, especially in this time of crisis. After reading lots of articles about silver, I decided to buy some silver coins.
    Read the full testimonial

    Ionud from Romania
  • I had been lurking around looking at purchasing some silver for some time. I was initially put off by the 20% VAT in the UK ... Then I found CelticGold and Stefan, I finally purchased some silver a few weeks ago and had extremely good E-mail correspondence

    Marcus, UK
  • "I am extremely pleased to be a customer of Celtic Gold. Not only Stefan is kind and patient(advices and emails even in weekend! ), but also his shipment system is excellent. Three days after my order I had the silver coins home! Regarding the fair acquiring prices, please do not believe me, surf on the net, see London traders (...). I regret all my old transactions, (...)"

    Romulus G. Romania
  • I never leave feedback because I feel transactions online are private, however, I do believe in commenting on excellent service when it happens, (...) using Celtic Gold over the last 10 months. (...) I would not hesitate to give Mr Kramer and Celtic Gold the highest of recommendations to an experienced purchaser, but to an ab initio I would say that you could not start your journey at a better place.
    Read the full testimonial

    A from London

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